Our story

The story of Eric Medina

(and his love of coffee)

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Because we do. Eric Medina, Founder of Libra Coffee, does too. From serendipitously meeting his future wife in a coffee shop, to traveling around the world in pursuit of his dreams, coffee has always been an integral part of his life.

A few years ago, Eric started a small coffee subscription company but realized something was missing; He wanted to provide better quality to his customers and give back in a larger way. So begins our story at Libra Coffee – a story of passion, mastery and making a difference in the world.

One day while traveling through the backstreets of Istanbul, Eric first learned about a Master’s Degree in Coffee from a local barista. He applied to the program, was accepted and then he and his wife packed their bags for Europe. They first lived in Italy, where coffee (and wine) is the pulse of the country. Eric was inspired by Italian coffee culture and worked alongside the employees of the innovative coffee brand, illy. Next, they traveled North to Norway, one of the largest coffee consuming countries in the world (per capita). It was here that he had the opportunity to develop his coffee palate with the highest quality importing and roasting companies in Scandinavia.

After his time abroad and completing his Master thesis on coffee personalization, Eric was eager to build on his former idea of a subscription model that provided extraordinary coffee to his customers. He wanted the potential to impact a national market with the convenience of personalized artisan coffee that is delivered to your door. The relationships that he formed in the classroom would inspire the foundation for the next chapter of our story- helping the most needy in the value chain which is the coffee growers.

Today, that idea has come to fruition through Libra Coffee. With your coffee subscription, each bag of coffee beans that is purchased provides clean drinking water to two people for up to 5 years. Now, our story continues with you, our customer. How big of a difference will we make together?